My name is Sebastiaan Janssens. I am working on finishing my PhD in mathematics with O. Diekmann, S.A. van Gils and Yu.A. Kuznetsov at Utrecht University and the University of Twente in The Netherlands after being held back by health problems for longer periods of time.

I am interested in:

  • stability and bifurcation of dynamical systems,

  • in particular: various classes of delay equations,

  • related aspects of linear algebra and functional analysis,

  • symbolic and symbolic-numerical computation.

For symbolic computations I enjoy using Maple. For numerical computations my favorite programming languages are modern Fortran and MATLAB.

Most of my mathematical posts will feature small observations that do not fit easily in another form of publication. $\LaTeX$ formulas were processed using the QuickLaTeX plugin and, more recently, the MathJax engine. These are both great projects and they each deserve a look.

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Contact information

You can send email to If you want to, you can use my PGP key to encrypt your message.